written by COLIN M JARMAN (2024)

The Compleat Angler - Part Three rewrites the original two Parts by reinterpreting and recasting the 17th century classic for the modern day. 

TCA3 is a comic novel that casually casts into the murky waters of literary history and reels in startling new truths and shocking twists about The Compleat Angler and its celebrated co-authors & legendary fishing buddies: Izaak Walton & Charles Cotton.

This contemporary novel updates the 350-year-old Compleat Angler storyline for the 21st century. It reinvents the long-held legend of an older fly-fishing master teaching a younger student the intricacies of angling as an art and an extension of life.

Using the same bucolic backdrop as the original, TCA3 rambunctiously recreates the riparian reverie that has enthralled and enchanted readers through the ages.

TCA3 rekindles the original story concept but revamps it by way of a humorous homage to its predecessors with a trail of tantalising twists that rewrites the history of The Compleat Angler, as millions of faithful readers and hundreds of dedicated Angler editors have known it. 

If fishing is the contemplative man’s recreation, then 'The Compleat Angler' is the contemplative man’s holy book. It is itself as much a contemplation as it is a guide — equally at home in a tackle box or on a desk in a lamplit study, next to three fingers of your favorite bourbon." 

James Freitas on (2019)
“The Compleat Angler is the most reprinted book in the English language after the Bible and works of Shakespeare. A pioneering work, becoming the anglers’ bible, a classic guide to the joys of fishing and a portrait of life in 17th-century rural England.”

Dalya Alberge in The Times (2004)

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